Should You Go For Hårfjerning laser?

Hårfjerning laser have been a preferred choice among those who find themselves too tired or disappointed by other short-term hair removal products. Lasers have undergone much technical advancement and has become very safe, super quick and also effective to use. Check out this manual to know all about the amazing advantages and minor catches of laser treatments for long lasting laser hair removal.

How Hårfjerning laser Function

You may have observed your hair, dark clothes or shoes get hotter under the sun than objects with lighter color. It’s because darker pigments absorb light better. Lasers utilize this property of selective absorption of heat to shed the hair follicles (the place that the hairs sprout).

Hair consists of a pigment called melanin which provides it its distinct dark color. Surrounding skin is relatively lighter and takes a lot more time and energy to get heated up or suffer any damages.

Thus your hair follicles get destroyed and hair never grows from them! Now this means that light color hair like gray, blonde or red don’t respond to laser treatment.

Similarly, dark skinned individuals with dark hair face more irritation on the skin so a particular form of Laser is required to them. The hair removal laser could be used on any area on the body except around the eyes.

Benefits of Hårfjerning laser

•    It can permanently remove unwanted and unsightly body hair and statistics tilt higher in support of the success rates

•    It treats even ingrown hairs which could cause rashes on skin and irritation

•    It is extremely fast and efficient. Competitive technology like electrolysis takes a lot more time.

•    You go to your everyday chores (except spending a lot of time in sunlight) soon after the first treatment

•    No more darkening your skin layer because of shaving or suffer the horror of waxing by laser treatments•    Even sensitive skin can respond well to treatment and be silky to touch if done under a reputed and experienced practitioner

•    The minimum sensation that one could suffer by lasers could be further numbed by local anesthetic creams applied to skin

•    Disadvantages of Hårfjerning laser

The expense of Laser Treatment is pretty high

•    The facts of Laser Hair removal are still being studied and several claims are not substantiated

•    It isn’t that effective on redheads, blonde and gray hair and much more advanced treatment solutions are required

•    People with darker skin tones experience more discomfort by Hårfjerning laser

•    People whose skin tans easily need to be treated very cautiously

•    People with diabetes, dermatological and infection disorders cannot undergo the procedure.

Any time you make a decision to go for Hårfjerning laser, go in for an appointment with a reputed clinic and under an expert practitioner. Make sure to stay away from the following items/activities about a month before treatment- hair removal cream, bleaching, waxing, tweezing, tanning, exposure to sun etc.

The therapy takes about 7 sittings because every sitting destroys only those follicles which are in the growing stage. There is other follicles which might be dormant under the skin but may emerge after your first treatment.

So the doctor will specify some time period between treatments and at the end, you certainly will enjoy beautiful results. Use Hårfjerning laser and welcome yourself to a new soft and silky you!

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